Join us in October for our annual Doodle Romp Charity event. A time where all SwissRidge dog owners can meet, dogs can play in 2-acres of fenced in grass, visit many of our amazing vendors loaded with cool dog gear all while generating funds for our service dog organization. Every year we select a child or two who is in need of a service dog. Throughout the year we run initiatives that help raise funds for the training and maintenance of the dogs in our program. Stay tuned here or on any of our social media platforms to keep up to date. 

Over the past 12 years with everyone's generosity we have been able to help raise money and donate/train dogs for children in need. These dogs have gone on to greatly enrich the lives of children! Without everyone's help this wouldn't be possible. Here are some examples of funds raised by the community...

In 2015 we donated a goldendoodle to Autism dog services and it was raised and trained as a service dog for a selected family who has been approved through autism dog services. We also raised $29,000, which was donated to Autism dog services. 

In 2014 we selected the Sneyd family to donate Ollie to. We were able to raise $5500 that year. This money was donated to Autism dog services. Autism dog services helped the Sneyd family train Ollie to work with the boys. The Sneyd family has 2 twins named Ciaran and Shay who were born premature and suffer from Cerebral Palsy. Ollie has changed these boys lives and is many ways. He has brought so much joy, love and laughter into their lives. 

About us
In 2013 we raised $8000 for a boy named Landon. We donated this money to National service dogs. This money was put towards Landons service dog. Landon now has a beautiful lab that is his best friend and helps him in day to day life.

In 2016 we were fortunate enough to bring on Lucas Mucha to our training program. Lucas is our head trainer and he brings with him over 20 years of obedience training. 
He has successfully trained 5 service dogs for the program. 

Below are our dogs in the program trained by Lucas Mucha...


The love Sebastian has for Ewok is immeasurable. Their bond gets stronger and stronger every year. Ewok goes on all of Sebastians adventures. They have even taken a trip to England. Ewok has grown to realize when Sebastian is having a seizure and will lie across his legs and stay there until he knows Sebastian is okay. These two were the perfect match at the very first sight of each other. 

Daniel and Duke are truly best friends. Duke is a golden mountain doodle and he's really the most perfect match for Daniel. They share a strong bond and Duke is always watching Daniel no matter where he goes. When he's off at school, Duke will wait by the window until he returns. Duke provides encouragement for Daniel to go out and exercise, sleeps with him at night, provides companionship, and helps with transitioning and new environments as well as breaks down social barriers and creates conversation with new friends. Duke has been especially beneficial during the pandemic where Daniel was lonely and had to do homeschooling. 

Emi and Lula are quite the pair to watch! Lula is always up for Emi's adventures which include going to the park, travelling around Canada, playing dress up, going for trail walks and hikes and much more. Emi has progressed so much in his speech, reading, willingness to venture outside and play all because of Lula! Lula takes her role of a service dog very seriously and this is why they are such a great match. Emi used to wander and this would be scary at times. Lula has helped tremendously with this issue. They also sleep together in Emi's little car bed and it is the cutest sight to see. Lula has almost helped with anxiety, transitioning, sleeping, reading, and providing friendship. 

Cohen and Rosie were so quickly bonded, it was a beautiful thing to witness. Cohen is obsessed with dogs, so it made the transition easier in all categories. Rosie has helped in so many ways and each year that goes by they continue to bond. Rosie helps Cohen with out of control and angry feelings and outbursts, transitioning to and from locations and between activities, she helps calm, and brings smiles to his face quickly. She provides him with a lot of emotional support when needed. Cohen one day would like to be trained on being Rosie's sole handler. And we have no doubt that one day that dream will come true for him. 

Polo gives Julio what he needs, the hugs and tenderness between them makes Julio so soft and cuddly inside which calms him......It's very sweet.....The fact that Polo is not high energy works so well because Julio bounces off the walls then Polo's presence calms him down perfectly. He provides Julio with companionship, security from fleeting, social skills, a calming influence and assistance with transitioning and responsibilities. Polo has taken over the bedtime routine and he sleeps with 
Julio each night. 

Rachel and Asha have slowly developed a trusting and loving relationship. One that we know will continue to flourish and bring the needs of Rachel. One huge goal that has already been accomplished is Rachel being able to now go to sleep on her own (with Asha in her bedroom) without needing a parent there.  Asha's job will be to help Rachel feel comfortable in new environments, encouraging her to go to school, keeping Rachel company and companionship, teaching her responsibilities, and having better control of her emotions, anxieties, confidence and connection with others. We hope that one day Asha will get to attend school with Rachel, and we are excited to see the progress with what Asha will have to offer.