On August 19th, 2017 come out and join us for a day of fun with the SwissRidge doodle family in Guelph, Ontario at our annual doodle romp.

This year we will be donating two goldendoodles to two children with Down Syndrome. These pups will be raised with our imprinters and then go through 3 months of specialized training with our head trainer Lucas Mucha.

In 2016 we donated a goldendoodle named Ewok to a little boy named Sebastian. Ewok is still in our training program and should be ready by Summer 2017 to live with Sebastian. 

Over the past 5 years with everyone's generosity we have been able to help raise money and donate/train dogs for children in need. These dogs have gone on to greatly enrich the lives of children! Without everyone's help this wouldn't be possible. 

In 2015 we donated a goldendoodle to Autism dog services and it is being raised and trained as a service dog for a selected family who has been approved through autism dog services. We also raised $29,000, which was donated to Autism dog services. 

In 2014 we selected the Sneyd family to donate Ollie to. We were able to raise $5500 that year. This money was donated to Autism dog services. Autism dog services helped the Sneyd family train Ollie to work with the boys. The Sneyd family has 2 twins named Ciaran and Shay who were born premature and suffer from Cerebral Palsy. Ollie has changed these boys lives and is many ways. He has brought so much joy, love and laughter into their lives. 

This year "SwissRidge dogs for kids Charity "is hand selecting two children with Down Syndrome to donate and train puppies for. We are in our selection process now and will post more details when they become available!

2013 was our first Charity event and we raised $8000 for a boy named Landon. We donated this money to National service dogs. This money was put towards Landons service dog. Landon now has a beautiful lab that is his best friend and helps him in day to day life.